About Us

Ward Memorial Baptist Church began as Sunday school and Mission operated by members of First Church in the East End in 1894. This was organized into Jackson Avenue Baptist Church, which later amalgamated with Hastings East Baptist Church and renamed Ward Memorial Baptist Church as a tribute and memorial to Reverend Albert W. Ward. Rev. Ward ministered to as many as 18 nationalities for 22 years. The vision continues today as we “celebrate the past and claim the future” through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

WMBC’s congregation is diverse with members/adherents and attendees from many nations and social economic backgrounds. WMBC currently has a 10:30 a.m. worship service in English. There are also weekly bible studies, caring and prayer groups, Worship Team, Hospitality Committee, Building and Grounds Committee, Celebration Zone for children and youth, and Connections for youth and young adults. In addition, WMBC partners with G&I Shining Stars Youth Society in the provision of after-school tutor clubs and youth programs throughout the week and an eight week Shining Stars Camp Can-Do summer classes and camp program. This outreach ministry has functioned as a bridge between WMBC and the Community.

Ward Memorial Baptist Church (WMBC) is affiliated with Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC) a family of 180 Baptist churches in the four western provinces of western Canada.

The Myanmar Baptist Church (a Burmese-Keren Group) meets each Sunday at 4:30 p.m.at WMBC. WMBC encourages their outreach ministry to Burmese-Keren refugees.